About Us


As a key player in the carpet industry, Classis Carpets provides wide range of high quality Wilton and Tuft carpets & Rugs combined with a personalized high standard service...


Providing personalized high standard service to all our customers has been the main focus for Classis Carpets from the very beginning.

Fully integrated production systems that we have in place in Turkey enables us to have the full control on the colour, design and quality of the products we offer.

We are also able to manufacture customer specific designs and products, and handle full truck or container shipments directly from our factory to the warehouse & distribution centers of our customers.

Additionally, with our warehouse based in Belgium we are able to provide:

  • Stock availability for selected broadloom collections,
  • 1 to 10 days delivery to whole Europe (including UK & Ireland) for existing collections,
  • Back-up service with small quantity shipments for all stock ranges.

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